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Matrimonial & Relationship Investigations

Anybody facing this dilemma will feel it is the worst decision he or she has ever had to make. Consider though, living with the doubt, humiliation and uncertainty.

All of the unanswerable questions and hurt "Who is it”, “Who Knows”, “Did everybody know except me”, “Is everybody whispering behind my back"

We are here to help you, to give you the answers, to give you the knowledge to deal with the situation,All evidence and findings are completely confidential to you and you alone.


This list details just a few of the signs and they are obviously unique to each case, you cannot be certain without hard evidence based facts. Unfounded suspicion and accusations may be more damaging than proving the truth

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What are the signs they might be cheating?

• Unusual amounts of time away from home.
• Less sexual interest.
• Irritable, seems distracted.
• Secretive use of phone/e-mail etc.
• Dismisses questioning e.g. “don't be silly! How could you think that?”.
• Questioning of your schedule regularly and differences in their own.
• Suddenly takes up new hobbies, attends functions alone.
• Disappears in order to take phone calls
• Mileage on car exceptionally high in comparison to errands reported.
• Unavailable at work.
• Coming home later
• Clothes smell strange of perfume/cologne/body lotion. Also make up or hair on clothing/possessions.


We can help you find the answers you need!

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Absolute Assurance Investigations
Absolute Assurance Investigations
Absolute Assurance Investigations
Absolute Assurance Investigations
Absolute Assurance Investigations


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