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Takes many forms. Traditional human foot surveillance or the use of state of the art equipment such as listening devices, covert cameras or GPS vehicle trackers.  All methods obtain and record records facts, actions and activities and thus 'best' evidence.

Absolute Assurance Investigators have significant expertise in conducting all types of surveillance and in the collection,  collation and presentation of the evidence obtained.

GPS vehicle tracking equipment shows accurate real time vehicle location and movements, including where the vehicle stopped, at what time, for how long, speed and distance travelled, areas visited, all to within an accuracy of 10 metres.  Thus revealing irrefutable evidence with regards to the vehicles use/misuse. 

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Personal Surveillance

Personal Surveillance is a useful basic technique, which can provide recorded evidence of a lawfully targeted person(s) activities that are in question. Photographs, video and documentary (surveillance log) evidence, provides hard evidence of any misunderstanding or wrong doing. 

Absolute Assurance Investigators use covert state of art video and photographic equipment to gather evidence. All our investigators have many years of experience in covert urban/rural/crop surveillance techniques and will remain undetected throught the whole operation.


Tracing Missing Persons

Wondering about someone’s whereabouts can be soul destroying, be it a missing relative, friend or someone who owes you money.

Absolute Assurance Investigations do a complete trace locate service in the UK or abroad, we use computer interrogation or good old foot slogging.

If we dont find them you dont pay

We also carry out absent parent investigations that may not be paying their way, leaving a dependant short of basic amenities, proving their location and whether they are working whilst claiming to be unable to afford regular payments. 

We’ll put together a detailed lifestyle report along with sources of income assets and details of any cohabitation. For example we can:

  • Trace their whereabouts
  • Gain details of employment
  • Establish asset possession, also its worth (vehicles, holiday homes, businesses…)
  • Detail any other income
  • Identify cohabitation and any related assets.
  • Associate any other indications of wealth and general lifestyle level


We can help you find the answers you need!

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Absolute Assurance Investigations
Absolute Assurance Investigations
Absolute Assurance Investigations
Absolute Assurance Investigations
Absolute Assurance Investigations


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