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Our Services

Absolute Assurance Investigations mission statement is to provide diligent, confidential and thoroughly professional investigation services with excellence as its service delivery benchmark.

Absolute Assurance Investigations guarantee ethical practices at all times and quality assured activities carried out by experienced professionals.


All operatives are fully compliant with:-

  • Data Protection Act
  • Human Rights Act
  • Regulation of Investigative Powers Act
  • Equality and Diversity Legislation

Contacting Absolute Assurance

Absolute Assurance Investigations

07590 722706


These are just some of the services we provide:-

Process serving (no service no fee)

Accident Investigations

Witness Statements

Alibi Investigations

Surveillance, Evidence Gathering, Vehicle Tracking.

Theft by Employee, Theft from Company

Fraudulent Claims, Cash for Crash Scams

Benefit Fraud, Lifestyle Investigations, Evidence Gathering, Child Support Enquiries

Tracing Lost Friends, Relatives, Suspects or Debtors

Sickness/Absence Misuse, Feigned Injury/Illness Grievance, Disciplinary, Discrimination, Harassment Enquiries

Proof of Dishonest Behavior by Employees, Business Associates, Relatives and Friends

Witness Escorts

Evidence Gathering for Specific Litigation Pathways

Goods and Services being sabotaged, Disrupted, Damaged/Stolen

Background/Reality Checks for Potential Customer, Employee and Acquaintance

Vehicle, Home, Office debugging

Property Recovery

Chequebook, Credit card Recovery

Threat, Security, Generic Risk Assessments

Environmental Enquiries

Test Purchase/Mystery Shopper/Counterfeiting

Economic Crimes


Process Serving

Absolute Assurance Investigations can respond quickly to spontaneous as well as pre- planned requirements to find named individuals to facilitate the service of process documentation, on a "No Service No Fee" basis fully evidenced by a sworn affidavit or statement of service.


We can help you find the answers you need!

Quality Assurance

Absolute Assurance Investigations
Absolute Assurance Investigations
Absolute Assurance Investigations
Absolute Assurance Investigations
Absolute Assurance Investigations


International Police

Registered under the data protection act Ref: Z1671033

Registered With UK Private Investigations Network

Proud followers on the Blue Lamp Foundation

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Absolute Assurance Investigations
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Our Services


Vehicle Tracking

Child Support Enquiries

Missing Persons

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